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Construction/Remodeling Restroom Trailer Rentals

Planning A Renovation Project:

Long term construction & remodeling projects can be very stressful and could impact normal business operations especially if they have to close they're doors while work is being done. During a remodeling project we know the importance of keeping your business open and having restroom amenities available to your customers & employees is essential. Renting a Dynasty Restroom Trailer is a great option to consider if you have an up coming construction project planned, this way you can keep your doors open, customer happy and business rolling as normal. We have special long term pricing available, bi-weekly or monthly rates available so the longer you rent the more you save.

white restroom trailer parked on a construction site
business open during a construction project

Long Term Restroom Rental Guide

Renting a restroom trailer for the long term comes with its own set of considerations and benefits. This guide aims to provide you with key points to consider when opting for a long-term restroom trailer rental. At Dynasty Restrooms, we understand the unique needs of our customers and offer special pricing for extended rental periods. The longer you rent, the more cost-effective the rental becomes. Additionally, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements through Custom Service Plans, which may include weekly or bi-weekly on-site cleaning and pumping or any other special requests .

  1. Duration and Pricing:

    • Assess the length of your project or event to determine the most suitable rental duration.

    • Take advantage of our special pricing for long-term rentals – the more extended the rental, the more cost-effective it becomes.

    • On average a typical 2-station restroom trailer long term rental period 21-28 days you can expect to pay around $6,580 or $235 per day on average . Note that doesn't include waste tank pumping which will vary depending on the amount of trailer usage, also on site cleaning fees will apply if cleaning is completed by our service technicians. Please contact us for a quote.

  2. Custom Service Plans:

    • Work with our team to create a custom Service Plan tailored to your specific needs.

    • Customize the frequency of on-site cleaning and pumping based on the usage patterns and requirements of your location.

  3. Amenities and Features:

    • Evaluate the restroom trailer features to ensure they align with the needs of your project or event.

    • Consider amenities such as air conditioning, heating, lighting, and spacious interiors for enhanced comfort.

  4. Delivery and Setup:

    • Discuss the logistics of delivery and setup with our team to ensure a smooth and timely process.

    • Confirm the placement of the restroom trailer on-site and any specific requirements for installation.

  5. Maintenance and Repairs:

    • Understand our maintenance procedures and response times for repairs during the rental period.

    • Report any issues promptly to ensure a quick resolution and minimal disruption.​

  6. Flexible Terms:

    • Explore flexible rental terms that accommodate changes in your project timeline.

    • Discuss options for early termination or extension based on evolving needs.

  7. Billing and Invoicing:

    • Clarify billing procedures and invoicing frequency.

    • Keep track of your rental costs and take advantage of any applicable discounts

five black stars in a row

Five Star Amenities For You And Your Customers

  • Bathroom Toiletries, Paper towel, Trash Bins & Hand Soap

  • Complimentary Basket Stocked With Bathroom Essentials

Trailer Features

  • Air conditioning & heat

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Clean & Spacious

  • Flushable Toilets

  • Private Stalls & Urinals

  • Fully Stocked

Construction & Remodeling 

luxury restroom trailer parked outside near cars

Style & Selections may vary

stocked bathroom amenities basket

View Our Trailers

Determine Trailer Size Based On Your Guests Count

right side view of a white restroom trailer



2- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,100 Flushes

front view of a white bathroom trailer rental



3- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,500 Flushes

left side view of a white bathroom trailer




Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 2,000 Flushes

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