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Emergency Restroom Trailer Rentals


Whether a power outage, flood or unexpected plumbing problem occurs, and restroom amenities become unavailable to customers and employees, you may have a big problem on your hand. Emergencies like this often occur which are unfortunate and unplanned for. In the event of an emergency Dynasty Restrooms Trailers can be a quick fix until plumbing or electricity has been restored. We also have generators available for rent which can be used in conjunction with our Restroom Trailers. Restroom Trailer Rentals are the most efficient way to keep business rolling when unexpected emergencies arise. 

Let Us Help Keep Your Businesses Rolling...!

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plumber trying to fix a leaking pipe spraying water causing a flood
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Five Star Amenities For You And Your Guests 

Included Amenities

  • Bathroom Toiletries, Paper towel, Trash Bins & Hand Soap

  • Complimentary Basket Stocked With Bathroom Essentials

Trailer Features

  • Air conditioning & heat

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Clean & Spacious

  • Flushable Toilets

  • Private Stalls & Urinals

  • Fully Stocked

white retsroom trailer parking ouside of a business
stocked bathroom amenities basket

Style & Selections may vary

View Our Trailers

Determine Trailer Size Based On Your Guests Count

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2- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,100 Flushes

front view of restroom trailer rental



3- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,500 Flushes

left side view of a restroom trailer




Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 2,000 Flushes

Michigan's Restroom Trailer Rental Specialists

Family Owned & Operated

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