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Parks & Municipal Restroom Trailer Rentals

Parks & Recreation

So, you're planning an event at your local park, and you have found the perfect location with a pavilion overlooking the lake or right next to the playground. Your next step is to figure out where the nearest restroom facility is located. Some local parks do not have bathrooms available on site and if they do, they are normally a significant walk or drive from your event location. Subsequently Park restrooms are busy and designed for all park guests to utilize which can be overwhelming. Additionally, public restrooms facilities are often unmaintained, unsanitary & foul smelling. Consider renting a Portable Restroom Trailer from Dynasty Restrooms We can park it close to your event location ultimately eliminating the need to leave your event and being disgusted with the unsightly condition of a public restroom.

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Parks and recreation outdoor event with people gathering
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Five Star Amenities For You And Your Guests 

Included Amenities

  • Bathroom Toiletries, Paper towel, Trash Bins & Hand Soap

  • Complimentary Basket Stocked With Bathroom Essentials

Trailer Features

  • Air conditioning & heat

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Clean & Spacious

  • Flushable Toilets

  • Private Stalls & Urinals

  • Fully Stocked

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Style & Selections may vary

View Our Trailers

Determine Trailer Size Based On Your Guests Count

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2- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,100 Flushes

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3- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,500 Flushes

side view of a 3 stall bathroom trailer




Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 2,000 Flushes

Michigan's Portable Bathroom Trailer Specialists

Family Owned & Operated

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