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Graduation Party Restroom Trailer Rentals

A Day Of Celabration:

Whether a high school or college Graduation party, they are sure to attract a crowd. Most graduation parties can see an influx of 100-150 guests throughout its entirety. One important aspect to consider is providing restroom amenities for your guests. Granted most parties are held at home, however having large amounts of foot traffic throughout your home is not ideal or sanitary. Portable Bathroom Trailer Rentals offer your guests a clean, private, air conditioned environment with running water that will make them feel at home. For more tips and insights on hosting a memorable celebration, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide below.

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Graduation Party Restroom Trailer Rental Guide

Congratulations on your graduate's milestone! As you plan the perfect Graduation party, don't overlook the importance of providing comfortable and sanitary restroom facilities for your guests. Our restroom trailer rental service is designed to make your celebration memorable and hassle-free.

Why Choose a Restroom Trailer?

  1. Comfort and Elegance: Upgrade from standard portable toilets to luxurious restroom trailers for a comfortable and stylish experience.

  2. Convenience: Avoid long lines and inconvenience with on-site restroom facilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy the celebration without interruption.

  3. Hygiene: Our trailers offer modern amenities, cleanliness, and sanitation, exceeding the standards of traditional portable toilets.


What to Expect:

1. Flexible Delivery and Pickup:

  • We accommodate your schedule, delivering and setting up the restroom trailer 1-2 days before the event and picking it up 1-2 days after.

2. Trailer Placement:

  • Ensure a flat, level, and obstacle-free area for optimal placement. Clear any tree branches or parked vehicles hindering proper delivery.

3. Full Service Package (Included in Rental Price):

  • -Pre & Post Cleaning/Sanitation: Thorough cleaning and sanitization of the Restroom Trailer before & after your event.

  • -Waste Tank Pumping & Proper Disposal:

  • This full service package is included in the rental price to provide you with a seamless and worry-free restroom trailer rental experience.

4. Additional Considerations:

  • Guest Comfort: Provide an upscale restroom experience with amenities like air conditioning, running water, and quality interiors.

  • Family-Friendly: Accommodate all guests, including families and elderly individuals, with accessible features.

5. Cost Justification:

  • Investing in a restroom trailer ensures your guests' comfort and enhances the overall atmosphere of your Graduation party. Consider the convenience, cleanliness, and upgraded experience as invaluable additions to your celebration.

6. Booking Process:

  • Contact us well in advance to secure your preferred dates. Our team will guide you through the process, helping you choose the right trailer size and features for your event.


Elevate your Graduation party experience with our premium restroom trailer rentals. We're here to make your celebration memorable and stress-free. Contact us today to secure your reservation and ensure a delightful experience for all your guests.

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Five Star Amenities For You And Your Guests 

Included Amenities

  • Bathroom Toiletries, Paper towel, Trash Bins & Hand Soap

  • Complimentary Basket Stocked With Bathroom Essentials

Trailer Features

  • Air conditioning & heat

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting

  • Clean & Spacious

  • Flushable Toilets

  • Private Stalls & Urinals

  • Fully Stocked

4 Station Restroom Trailer parked out front of an old country store

Style & Selections may vary

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View Our Trailers

Determine Trailer Size Based On Your Guests Count

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2- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,100 Flushes

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3- Station

Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 1,500 Flushes

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Men's & Women's Private Stall Waste Tank Yields Around 2,000 Flushes

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