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Q.) Do you require a booking deposit when the reservation is made?

A.) Yes, a $200 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold your date. Dates will not be held until the $200 booking deposit has been received and paid in full to Dynasty Restrooms L.L.C

Q.) What if I need to reschedule or cancel my event?

A.) To reschedule your event please call us as soon as possible to ensure your new date is available, however dates fill fast and we cannot guarantee a different date will be available. Cancellations can be made at anytime up to the day of your initial delivery. However as stated above Booking, Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE due to cancellations. We make that clear throughout the booking process and it will also be clearly visible on your rental invoice.

Q.) When do you deliver & pickup?

A.) We normally deliver and setup our restroom trailers the day before your event and pickup the day after, However at times we may need to deliver 1-2 days before & pickup 1-2 days after to accommodate all of our customers.

Q.) Is there a delivery fee?

A.)  Yes, we charge a delivery fee for every restroom trailer rental. Delivery is calculated based on mileage/ fuel costs which can vary depending on your location. Please call or request a quote for more information

Q.) What type of payment do you accept?

A.)  We accept cash, most major credit cards and certified bank checks only. Credit card payments are subject to 3.8% processing fee for final remaining balance payments only not subject to 3.8% for deposit payments.


Q.) How do I make a reservation?

A.)  Call 586-718-5124 during normal business hours, or email you may also request a free quote anytime. If we miss your call please leave your contact info we'll call you right back..!

Q.) What do I need at my venue?

A.)  Power Requirements: 20 Amps of power with a 110v outlet  (or a 3800 watt generator rental)
A.)  Water Requirements: 1- Standard hose spigot

Q.) Do I need hoses, or extension cords?

A.)  Nope, we will take care of everything, We will bring at least 100ft of extension cord and garden hose.

Q.) What if I do not have water or electricity available?

A.)  If electricity is not available on site a gas generator can power our restroom trailers. Generators can be rented from us for an additional $200. Rentals include a full tank of gas and around 6-8 hours of run time.

A.)  In the event where a garden hose water spigot is not available onsite our trailers come equipped with an on board freshwater storage container. We can fill our freshwater storage tank if needed to accommodate your event an additional charge of $100 will be aded to your invoice for this additional service.

Q.) Where can I place the restroom trailer?

A.)  Our Restroom Trailers can be place in any location that has sufficient space for a large truck & trailer to access freely with ease at anytime even during your event. Location must be flat level compacted surface such as concrete, gravel or most grass surfaces assuming it has a solid base. Note the area selected must also be clear of obstructions such as low hanging tree branches & utility power lines. 

Q.) How much does it cost to rent a restroom trailer?

A.)  Our Restroom Trailer Rentals start at $900 for a 1-day rental, not including Delivery/Pumping. We offer special pricing for long term rentals please feel free to request a free quote for the most accurate up to date rental rates.

Q.) Do I have to supply restroom supplies?

A.)  No, We provide bathroom toiletries, paper towels, hand soaps & trash recepticals In both men and women stalls. Also two complimentary baskets are included stocked with bathroom essentials.

Q.) Can I rent a restroom trailer in the winter?

A.) Absolutely, you can rent a restroom trailer during the winter months; however, our trailers are designed to fully function in temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and above. Each trailer is equipped with five heaters to ensure a comfortable environment. It's important to note that these heaters require a continuous and uninterrupted electrical supply throughout the entire rental period . While we have successfully accommodated rentals in much colder temperatures, the risk of freezing water lines becomes elevated in extreme cold conditions below 32 degrees. Please consider this factor when planning your rental during colder weather.

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